An exquisite series of secluded tropical sanctuary, Patio villas are designed by combining our wooden Cottage and White Sand villa and place them among tropical garden. Built together like a village, Patio villas manage to keep space among each other giving a more comfortable feelings and privacy. The villas are set amidst a garden with two ponds in the area.
This unique Spiral Patio Villa is specially designed to be able to serve you as a duplex, ideal for 4 people or one family to share their own privacy together.
On the ground floor, ?Terra Spiral Patio?, featuring special design circular floor plan, you descend to the dining area for a in-villa breakfast in the intimacy of the retreat. Continue onwards to the living area where you can step out to the large patio for private sun bathing and kick back with a leisurely game or two, or perhaps drift off to sleep in an ocean of dreams. Proceed through your dressing area, you can indulge yourself onto a glorious open-air terrazzo bathroom with rain shower faucet

2 x (Incl.)
3 x (Max.)
฿  0
per 1 night

Room Rate

Rack Rate

฿ 7,400 /night

Summer 2022

฿ 7,400 /night